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Protecting people and your business

Our award-winning Rehabilitation team helps you look after injured people and keep your claims costs down.

Proactive support

We take a proactive approach to rehabilitation and early intervention is at the core of what we do. It enables us to provide swift, appropriate support, which helps people get back to work promptly, as well as reducing your claims costs.

Our approach

We help underwriters, risk managers and brokers with a range of rehabilitation and occupational health issues, such as absence management, rehabilitation best practices, and return to work policies.

Our Rehabilitation team comprises case management experts from a wide range of clinical backgrounds – physiotherapy, nursing, occupational therapy and psychology – and we are supported by a network of specialist service providers.

We provide bespoke, cost-effective services – ranging from carrying out workplace assessments to providing specialist medical care – to help injured people and employees recover and return to work promptly.

We can manage a very broad range of injuries, from minor ankle sprains to significant spinal injuries, as well as injuries resulting from major incidents, such as coach crashes.

We also share regular updates about the latest issues in rehabilitation via our blog

Rehabilitation services at a glance

Rehabilitation services at a glance

Find out more about the award-winning range of rehabilitation services that QBE offers, from support with absence management to managing very serious injuries and post-claim rehabilitation.

Learn about common injuries

Learn about common injuries

In this guide, we look at the most common types of injury we see in Claims, their causes, how long it takes to recover from them and tips for getting better.

Rehabilitation services

We offer a range of rehabilitation services to our customers, with differing levels of support available, depending on your particular needs.

QBE Return

Designed to support both you and your employee through the crucial first 30 days following a workplace incident, QBE Return uses a simple process to provide rehabilitation support:

  1. Click on the QBE Return referral form button below and fill it in to log the incident.
  2. Your injured employee will then receive expert medical support for up to 30 days. If they require treatment, we will refer the case to our Claims team, which will conduct a review of the potential claim and liability position.
  3. If the employee is likely to be off work for more than 30 days and your business is potentially at risk, we may provide additional funding for advice and appropriate treatment.

The first two stages of QBE Return are completely free, so no costs will appear on your claims record.

Find out more about QBE Return.


QBE Return+

For customers that need a more tailored rehabilitation service, QBE Return+ helps you manage the health and wellbeing of your employees by complementing your existing rehabilitation services.

We have a simple three-step process:

  1. We will ask you to complete a short online questionnaire to help us identify your needs and any current service gaps.
  2. Our team will then produce a tailored absence management and rehabilitation proposal.
  3. Once you have agreed our proposal, our dedicated Rehabilitation consultant will work in partnership with you to implement the new service.

Find out more about QBE Return+


Post-claim rehabilitation service

Our post-claim rehabilitation service facilitates appropriate treatment for injured employees, with an emphasis on supporting them back to work and helping them achieve the best recovery possible.

We can offer quick access to treatment such as physiotherapy or an MRI scan for a simple knee injury, through to a multi-faceted rehabilitation programme for a complex orthopaedic injury.

For catastrophic injuries (such as brain or spinal injuries), we are able to provide highly individual programmes, which can include housing adaptations, social care packages and vocational rehabilitation.

Major incident response service

Our major incident response service is designed to minimise the impact of a major incident by providing a coordinated, prompt response.

We offer comprehensive services to policyholders and injured parties, including proactive pre-claim management to ensure that appropriate rehabilitation is delivered to those involved, as well as containing claims costs.

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